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Flyer für therapeuten, flyer für reiki, flyer für kosmetikerin, tassen bedrucken, Banner, Flaggen, planen, ständer,

When you start your own heart business, sometimes you don't realise what else is coming up. For example, if you have physical products like beauty products or food, you suddenly need packaging. On the entrance door to your practice or shop, a board with your logo and opening hours would probably not be a bad idea. Or you are participating in a fair to present your offer or product and suddenly you need a roll-up, a banner or a catalogue. Or you think advertising on your car would actually be a clever thing to do. 


Basically, you can have almost anything personalised printed today. From promotional gifts like mugs, pens or stickers to T-shirts, labels or beach flags. Almost anything is possible.


If you too would like a product that represents your business, I will be happy to create your personal design. Contact me with your ideas and wishes.


You will receive a print-ready file. If you need information on where to get what printed (with the best price-performance ratio), I will be happy to help you.


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