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Seelen logo, Herzens logo, spirituelles logo, reiki logo, yoga logo, holistische logos,


Seelen logo, Herzens logo, spirituelles logo, reiki logo, yoga logo, holistische logos,

From the very beginning, Conny captured my wishes and needs and skillfully implemented them. The time I needed to develop my inputs, ideas, and desires was always respected by Conny and concretized in a relaxed process.

Thank you very much for the warm-hearted support and the fantastic result. My logo brings me joy every time I look at it.

(Translated from German)

Anna Frei, Hebamme, Logo, Logo kreatin, Logo für Hebamme,

Conny accompanied me on recommendation during my journey to the personal logo and the redesign of my business cards.


The collaboration was characterized by a lot of empathy, patience, positive energy and lightness. These qualities are valuable, especially when people are in transformation. Already after the first conversation I was impressed how aptly Conny had grasped my wishes and was able to implement them visually. She captures people on a heart level and thus makes her creations unique and coherent for the respective person and the target clientele.

(Translated from German)

Sandra Bärtschi 

"Working with Conny was very peppy and easy. I especially appreciate the totally uncomplicated communication and speedy implementation and assistance. She understands the graphic craft. In addition, she felt into my logo and made appropriate suggestions to my heart business and at the same time is also open to change requests. Her work is not only implementation, but creative work with a lot of energetic output. For me, the special plus!"

(Translated from German)

Martina Rissler - Herzenergie-Praxis

Herzenergie praxis schmetterling logo redesign überarbeitun neue energie
Licht Melodie, Logo design, spirituelles logo, licht arbeiter logo, universum, sternen logo,

Life is a miracle! If we trust ourselves SELF our wishes and ideas - life always brings us together with the right people who accompany us a piece of the way. So my desire for a "magical" logo led me to Conny. From the very first moment, an untouched space was palpable in our conversation - boundlessness - and thus a basis was created for energetic web design! Conny managed to create my logo, which I had already clearly felt and perceived in my "mind" but could not put on paper, in just a few steps!

Fittingly, she created the web design to go with it based on a few inputs.

In a few words I can describe the collaboration with Conny as follows: Authentic - Efficient - Fair - Magical and with a lot of heart and creativity - THANKS -

(Translated from German)

Janine Sturzenegger

Wow! What a wonderful experience to be able to trust Conny with my heart's project! She listened to me, was very efficient and professional! For me, Conny was not just "a graphic designer" (note, this is not meant pejoratively 😉), but rather I had a soul to soul relationship with her.... She immediately "captured" my ideas, my desires, my energy 🎶💜🙏 I am thrilled with the result, which is so "vibrant" and totally suits me! THANK YOU and bravo Conny😍🤗.

(Translated from French)

Diane Brecher - Emo'Sons

Emo'Sons webdesign rollup visitenkarte design grafiker online vibration
Gesundheitsmassagen bern webdesign liebe unkompliziert nina hülimann visitenkarte masseur massage

We are completely thrilled and satisfied from A to Z. With a lot of love and creativity Conny has designed our website and implemented all our wishes. Also the cooperation was always uncomplicated and efficient. We are already looking forward to the next upcoming projects such as the design of flyers and business cards and can highly recommend Conny! Thank you very much for the great work and anytime very gladly again!

(Translated from German)

Nina Hürlimann & Björn Raschilas - Gesundheitsmassagen-Bern

The collaboration with Conny is just great. I had a very clear idea how I wanted to show myself with my website and since recently also with the fabulous blog, with what colors and what makes me. Conny, with her lovely and calm manner and with her great knowledge in web design and hosting, has implemented all my wishes quite wonderfully. I didn't have to explain myself for a long time, she simply understood what I wanted. The communication is quite relaxed and cordial.
Thank you for everything and anytime gladly again !

(Translated from German)

Christa Durante - LeBoudoir

Le Boudoir webdesign homepage webseite kreieren fotograf pinup shabby bern
personal & business coach webdesign homepage erstellen persönlich design gold logo

I have enjoyed working with Conny for sience 2017 for all my visual identities, logos, websites, business cards, etc.
Each collaboration is much more than just design or graphic design. Conny knows how to combine elegance with energy in a strong marketing interest.
The result is always far beyond what I would have imagined on an energetic level.
If you want to boost your business in line with your values and energy, Conny will be able to guide you wonderfully. ✨

(Translated from French)

Lucie Gomez - Personal & BusinessCoach

I believe that everyone has a strength, that everyone excels in one area and when they find that area they shine 💫 Because they have found their passion, what drives and sustains them and they listen to their heart to bring their light to our world 🌍 I love creating with these lights and creating with Conny whether it be my logo, cards or website. It has been a joy to see her come alive and bring all her energy and love 💓 to my fabulous and luminous business. She manages to find out who you are and bring a part of you to the creation, what makes you that creation, being able to co-create with Conny is bright and light and just happiness to give the best to yourself and your business. I heartily recommend her to you ...💓🤗💫.

(Translated from French)

Pamela Decasper - LumiDoré

LumiDoré energie therapeutin webdesign flyer visitenkarte gold blume des lebens
LogoLogo schmetterling regenbogen persönlich kreieren einzigartig schweiz

The cooperation was simply wonderful. Conny is a person who responds to our needs and wishes. The creation of my logo I am in color.
I will recommend her without hesitation.

(Translated from French)

Maria Leonor Frade
mlf - Maria Leonor Frade

Many thanks to Conny for the professional support in the realization of our new homepage.


Thank you very much for your ideas as well as your creative implementation. We appreciated your open and honest feedback.


We are happy with our new website.

We will gladly recommend Conny and consider her for further projects. Thank you very much!

(Translated from German)

Blattigarten Team

Blattigarten, Schweiz, web design, website erstellen, garten center,
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