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Spirituelle Webdesigns Schweiz,
Spirituelles Webdesign, Website mit Herz, Webdesign, energetisch, harmonie, ganzheitlich,

Energetic web design is the most effective modern tool for the growth of a conscious business. If your business is going to grow, it is essential to have a professional website that represents you.


It should reflect you, embody your energy, with all that you are and all that you have to offer to this world.

The vibration of each project is unique!
Together we will make your website your trademark.

Energieverbundene Visuelle Gestaltung, Seelenzentrierte Design-Kreationen


Energetische Webseitengestaltung, Webdesign, Web Design, Spirituel,
Energetic website design, Web design, Web Design, Spiritual web design, soul branding,


CHF 390.-

With the budget option, you do a lot yourself. You choose one of the pre-designed templates, which I have created with love.

With the help of the included PDF guide, you can customize colors, texts, and images to reflect your unique style and message. If you're looking for an affordable website solution, the Wix template is just right for you!

Dandelion, gold, Logo, Webdesign, spiritual design,
Wix, template, Vorlage, wix website, website design, webseite selber erstellen, kostengünstig,


soul web design, spiritual web design, Energetic website design, Web design,

 ab CHF 1400.-

Here you get a personal design that matches your nature, your energy and your business. Of course, it will be in line with your logo, if you already have one. You can choose individually from all the functions you want. (Shop & payment systems excluded).

  • Initial consultation (60 min) via video conference

  • Conception & design of your personal internet presence 6 main pages and max. 6 subpages

  • Order of your desired domain name ( or connection to your own domain

  • Search engine optimisation (Google SEO)

  • Mobile version

  • Coaching on the CMS* (45 min)

  • Integration of other functions such as: Gallery, Blog, Google Maps, Newsletter, Music or Videos etc...

Energetische Webdesigns, Spirituelle Webdesigns, Österreich

Super Star(T)

CHF 2800.-

Each of us is unique. Everyone has their own path and their own speed. I accompany you on your journey to your heart's business.

The Superstar(t) package contains everything you need to take off full speed and bring your successful business authentically into the world. Energetic logo design, business cards, website but also one-to-one coaching as well as many tips & tricks from my many years of experience.

You will be individually assisted on all levels, with a lot of fun and ease.

Yes, this is such a cool offer, it even has its own page 😉

Energetische Webseitengestaltung, Webdesign, Web Design, Spirituel,
Energieverbundene Visuelle Gestaltung, Seelenzentrierte Design-Kreationen

Additional Info's

WIX Legend, Partner, Wix help, Wix Pro, Wix support,

*CMS stands for Content Management System. This term is used to describe software that makes it possible to manage the contents of a website independently. Images and texts can be easily and safely adapted by anyone.


I can do almost everything for you. But there are a few things that are up to you.

What you have to do yourself:


  • All texts are supplied by you

  • Spelling is your responsibility

  • I have access to large image databases for royalty-free images. Photos of you, your practice etc. would have to be provided by you.

  • Paying the annual WIX subscription / domain and hosting if applicable

  • If necessary - cancellation of old domains & hosting

Not included are:

Annual costs for CMS programme from approx.  CHF 120

The costs for domain and hosting are added individually.

Hostings are available from CHF 58.80 & domain from CHF 15.- / year.

at - I can warmly recommend it!

Terms and conditions:

For all web design orders a deposit of 1/3 is required. The remaining amount can be paid in one or two payments, each at the end of the following months. In case of earlier completion, the balance must be paid no later than 10 days after completion of the project.


The final price may differ from the prices quoted if the actual amount of work is greater or less.

Energieverbundene Visuelle Gestaltung, Seelenzentrierte Design-Kreationen

Information about the CMS

Energetische Webseitengestaltung, Webdesign, Web Design, Spirituel,

Thanks to a user-friendly interface, even inexperienced users can easily edit their website and add new content. A piece of cake !

Access everywhere

You can access and edit your homepage anytime and anywhere. As long as you have a computer and an internet connection.

Various upgrade plans

Wix offers several affordable packages. Depending on your needs, these can be extended or reduced.

Multilingual website

With Wix I can create a multilingual website for you. It works perfectly on the desktop version as well as on all mobile devices.



Offer your products online with a simple but beautiful webshop and acquire new customers worldwide.


Google SEO

All websites at Wix are search engine friendly. WIX guarantees that the entire content of your website can be indexed by search engines (e.g. Google).

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