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The Access Consciousness® Clearing Statement is like a magic wand. Have you ever wanted to change things by asking them to change? That's exactly what the Clearing Statement does. It is designed to bring up energies and clear them.

Fortunately, it also works without you having to understand it. It's designed in a way that bypasses the logical mind. If your logical mind could solve what's not working for you in your life, wouldn't it have done so already? The Clearing Statement is designed to access your "crazy" mind, where the answers lie, for the way you create your life.

In short, the Clearing Statement unravels what you are unconsciously creating in your life that is keeping you trapped in the reality you would like to change. Whenever something is not working in your life, you are not willing to allow, perceive, accept, acknowledge or embody aspects of that area. The Clearing Statement is there to bypass your thinking logical mind. It is there to open you up to more awareness and enable you to live out of conscious being, even if you don't understand the words and even if you can't cognitively see what exactly is creating the limitation.

The purpose behind asking a question is to bring up as much energy as possible of limitation and evaluation about the issue you want to clear, and then blast it right out of existence with the Clearing Statement. The Clearing Statement is written with abbreviations from Access Consciousness® and stands for the different energies we are asking to clear.

"Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, POC and POD,

All 9, Shorts, Boys, POVADS and Beyonds®"

Right and Wrong, Good and BaD

Right and wrong, good and bad stands for "What is right, perfect and correct here, and what is wrong, bad, mean, vicious and terrible here?" It is the things that we consider to be right, good, perfect and/or correct that we hold on to most strongly because we have decided that they are right.

POC steht für Point of Creation

Is the point of destruction immediately following whatever you decided. It’s like pulling the bottom card out of a house of cards. The whole thing falls down.

POD steht für Point of Destruction

Is the point of creation of the thoughts, feelings and emotions immediately preceding whatever you decided.

All 9

Stands for nine layers of crap that we’re taking out. You know that somewhere in those nine layers, there’s got to be a pony because you couldn’t put that much crap in one place without having a pony in there. It’s crap that you’re generating yourself, which is the bad part. You created it, you can change it.


Is the short version of: What’s meaningful about this? What’s meaningless about this? What’s the punishment for this? What’s the reward for this?

The long form is: What does [___________] mean to us? How do we make it meaningless? For what do we punish and torture ourselves in relation to it? What is the reward for it? How many layers and non-layers do we have in relation to it? How much meaningless blah blah do you have in relation to it?

Boys (Boyz in the hood)

Stands for nucleated spheres. Have you ever been told you have to peel the layers of the onion to get to the core of an issue? Well, this is it—except it’s not an onion. It’s an energetic structure that looks like one. These are pre-verbal.

Have you ever seen one of those kids’ bubble pipes? Blow here and you create a mass of bubbles on the other end of the pipe? As you pop one bubble it fills back in. Basically these have to do with those areas of our life where we’ve tried to change something continuously with no effect. This is what keeps something repeating ad infinitum…


Thouse are the points of view that you are avoiding and defending that are perpetuating this situation.

What points of view are you defending and avoiding that are perpetuating this? All that is, times Godzillions, are you destroying and uncreating these now? Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, POC and POD, All 9, Shorts, Boys, POVADS and Beyonds.


Are feelings or sensations you get that stop your heart, stop your breath, or stop your willingness to look at possibilities.

Have you ever received a bill that was much higher than expected? When you receive that bill, everything stands still and solidifies in time, space, dimensions and realities. This is a Beyond. We have many areas in our lives where we freeze. Every time you freeze, it is a Beyond that keeps you trapped. In that state, it is impossible to be present.

Beyonds include everything beyond your beliefs, reality, imagination, conception, perception, rationalization, forgiveness and all other beyonds. Beyonds are implants and explants that mostly involve feelings and sensations, rarely emotions and never thoughts. Most "he" words are beyonds, excitement, exhaustion, etc.

The moment you perceive and recognize an energy, that energy changes the limitation, not the words.

If your mind doesn't make logical sense of it, be grateful. Our view at Access Consciousness® is, "A mind is dangerous, throw it away," "Who thinks, stinks." Your mind can only define the limitations of your reality. Your mind is a calculating system that can only define what you already know. We are here to erase your mind and give you a fresh start.

As a result, you will function in a different way. When you erase your mind as the rule system of your life, you can live out of your knowledge. Your mind stands in your way on the path to your knowledge. We all have moments when we know everything in a flash and are completely blown away saying, "Wow, that's cool." Can you remember moments like that, or are you constantly looking for an excuse not to let it happen? Your ''crazy mind" has all the answers as to how you create the limitations of your reality. Your logical mind justifies everything you do and contributes nothing to creating the infinite possibilities. If your mind really worked, wouldn't you have been out of all the messes of this reality long ago? If you know anything, it is You will find that you are different after these clearings statements. It can take up to three weeks before you really notice the results and the changes. Every time you give up one of your self-created views, it frees at least 350,000 other people with you. Every time we run the Clearing Statement, 350,000 people become free.


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