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The magic of words

Do you remember the children's stories with witches and wizards?

When magic was created with abracadabra and the wave of the magic wand?

Even today in adulthood, we see this in countless movies. The most famous example is probably Harry Potter, but also the magicians in Lord of the Rings and let's not forget Merlin in Arthurian legend.

You may think, but these are just stories for children or fantasy movies for entertainment. Really?

Just think about it, how many stories and myths have been passed down from time immemorial. Could it be that there is a lot more to it than just stories?

Words are not just elements of speaking or writing. When spoken aloud, words transform into frequencies and vibrations. Words create a certain energy.

You can use words to direct that energy.

Many people have little or no awareness of what comes out of their mouths. However, some, and I count politicians or marketing people among them, know exactly how to use words to reach a desired goal.

It is important to understand the power that lies in words (vibration) to realize how they have been used since time immemorial to manipulate and keep humanity down.

Each word has its own energy.

The word Arbeit (labor), for example, is of Common Germanic origin and means "a child condemned to hard physical labor."

Excuse me?

Ok one more time "a child forced to heavy physical activity".

There are also assumptions that the word is related to aslaw, which means "servitude", or "slavery". Yupiii it gets better and better.

The French word "travail" has a similar, even more extreme, word history behind it. It is associated with an early medieval instrument of torture.

The Italian "lavoro" and English labor go back to the Latin labor, which also means "toil".

Does it now suddenly make sense that thousands and thousands perceive a heaviness when they say "I have to go to work tomorrow".

Ok the word "must" is not very helpful creating a lightness either.

I've got you a few others here that aren't very helpful to us.

Try - you say to someone: "I will try". What is the energy behind that? Either you do it or you don't. Decide. Trying has an energy of uncertainty, you doubt yourself if you can do it. I can understand that, sometimes it's not easy. Get clear on the intention. "I'm doing this now" or "I'm not doing it." Either is ok. If you try, 99% of the time you don't do it.

Why - when you ask why, you move in circles. Why did he/she leave me? Why does this always happen to me? Why can't I do it? Do you feel the heaviness in it? It doesn't matter why, because the answer doesn't change the situation. The question "why" does not bring you further, but directly back to the beginning. If the question "why" comes up, pull the handbrake and ask yourself... What can I do now to change the situation positively for me? This will take you much further instead of you going around in circles.

Need - always means a feeling of not having enough. I need money to pay my rent, yes of course. But when you say I need, what you're really saying is don't have enough money to pay my rent.

In a relationship, for example, I need him, I need her. What does that say? I'm not enough by myself. I can't do it alone. So lack of self-confidence or self-determination etc....

"Need" always leads to stinginess. You try to hold on to something for fear that there will never be enough of it.

Wishing - I wish ... I hope, dream, long for etc.... Wishing is like praying. You dream of something and have an expectation that someone or something will grant you that wish. If I just believe in it strongly enough, it will come true.

Question - where is your part in all of this? Your energy? Your commitment? Your intention? Sure, you can sit on the couch and wish for a million. But if it worked that way, wouldn't we all be millionaires by now?

So what do we do with this information?

We become more aware of what we say every day. Which words do I use and which do I eliminate from my vocabulary. None of us are perfect and it takes a little practice. The beauty of it is that you become more and more aware of what you are saying. Sometimes even I still use words that I actually banned from my vocabulary a long time ago. The difference between now and then is that the moment they cross my lips, my consciousness turns on and shouts STOP. So I simply rephrase my sentence and cancel what I just said.

Changing your thought pattern and word choice can have a huge impact on your life. Create magic in your everyday life with what you say and what you think. After all, aren't thoughts also vibration?



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