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The message of water

The biggest storage space on earth

As everyone knows, water is vital for us and every other living being on earth. 70% of the earth's surface is water. Humans consist of 70% - 80% water.

Scientists all over the world agree: water stores information. It is a storage space like in a computer, the largest storage space on earth. In the past, it was thought that the chemical composition of water was important. How much calcium and magnesium it contains. Today we know that it is not the composition that is important but the structure. Structure means - how these molecules are arranged in the water. So water stores all the information.

Let's think about this a little:

Water existed on earth long before man appeared. It has constantly repeated its natural cycle. We have simply tapped the water from this cycle. We pollute the water before returning it to the cycle. We disinfect this polluted water with chlorine, and we call that purification! It flows in closed circuits and always comes out of our taps "purified". You may have to let it sink for a few minutes.

"Water reacts to

Energy, Words & Music"

Fortunately, water reacts to energy, words, music and other vibrations. If we know this, why not feed the water with new information? Let's consciously change the structure of water to do something good for ourselves, our fellow human beings, plants and animals. It can and will improve our health considerably. It's very simple and anyone can do it! Here are a few ideas:

- Fill a bottle or jug with water - write on a piece of paper what you would like to energise the water with - stick the piece of paper on the bottle or put the jug on the piece of paper - and that's it. Whether you use the water for drinking or for watering flowers is your decision.

- If you have stones, you can also work with them. Amethysts, opals, rose quartz and other gemstones work great and energise (programme) the water. You can find a lot of information on this topic on the internet.

- You can also energise the water with symbols of sacred geometry. Same principle. Glue on the bottle or place the symbol under the glass etc.

- When you take a bath or shower you can talk to the bath water or send good information / energies. The water later flows into the cycle, so give it something nice. Singing in the shower is certainly also a good idea!

- If you really want to invest yourself, take a short time before each drink of water and energise the water in the moment.

Example: I am grateful for you water, you bring me everything my body needs. You keep me healthy and help my skin to stay firm and elastic. You cleanse my body and flush out toxins and everything that is not useful to me.

Some people do a water meditation once a week. This can be for the whole earth or for a lake or river near you. You can also energise water and then put it back into the cycle. Take a pet bottle full of water with you and return it to the earth or a stream while walking. Be creative - do what you feel!

You may know the water crystals of Dr. Masuru Emoto. For those who have never heard of him, here is some information:

In tens of thousands of experiments, Dr. Emoto found out that water stores not only good and bad information, music and words, but also feelings and consciousness.

He placed distilled water between two loudspeakers and played a whole piece of music at normal volume. Before that, he had taken over a hundred pictures of distilled water. The crystals showed well formed to less beautiful crystals, but almost all had hexagonal crystal shape. Wonderful crystals appeared after the water had been played with, for example, a famous violin piece by Bach. In contrast, a crystal looks destroyed after being played with a sad Korean folk song.

After the music experiments, the team now wanted to know how water reacts to words.

Dr. Emoto took 3 glasses with water and rice. To the first glass he said "thank you" every day, to the second "you are an idiot" and to the third glass he ignored it completely. Look what happens...

Reflection on this:

What happens to children who are ignored or called idiots?

Be aware of what you think and what you say

Books on the subject

The hidden messages in water

Masaru Emoto photographed the crystals of frozen water for the first time. Under the most difficult conditions, breath-taking images of water from all over the world were created - fascinating impressions that open our senses and hearts to the profound message of words, thoughts and feelings. After all, our human body consists of about two thirds water: so what do the works of our famous composers, the melodies of international folk songs or of heavy metal also do in us? How does water react to meaningful words in different languages? These images enchant and shake at the same time, because they prove: Water is alive!

Water crystals

Masaru Emoto began researching the energetic structure of water in the mid-eighties. He photographed the crystals of frozen water for the first time. Breathtaking photographs were taken under the most difficult conditions. The overwhelming response to his illustrated book "The Message of Water" prompted the author to answer questions he was frequently asked in this book. He invites us to look at the "self-evident" element of water from unusual perspectives. With the help of many pictures, Masaru Emoto explains what water can tell us and how it is influenced.



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