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Incarnation contract

§ 1) You receive a body. This body is new and unique. No one else gets the same.

§ 2) You receive a brain. It can be useful to use it. Or not.

§ 3) You get a heart. You get the best results by listening to it.

§ 4) You get lessons. No one gets exactly the same lessons as you or can take them away from you.

§ 5) You can do what you want. Everything you do creates something. What? No one can tell you in advance. Whoever does it is an impostor.

§ 6) A lesson is repeated until it is understood.

§ 7) This contract is the same for everyone. There are no privileges, even if some claim that there are (handwritten changes are not valid).

§ 8) You get mirrors to learn. Many mirrors look like other bodies. They are there to show you something that is inside you.

§ 9) If your body is destroyed or stops functioning, you get a new one (there may be a waiting period).

§10) The incarnation contract only expires when all the lessons have led to a satisfactory result.

§ 11. What is satisfactory is for you to decide.

Useful hints and tips

  • The aim is not to have as much money as possible when leaving the body. However, it can be quite useful during one's lifetime.

  • There is no bonus for fame or popularity.

  • You don't have to take your cue from others' mistakes.

  • Rules are there to be reviewed.

  • Claims of others about the goal, can be distractions.

  • You can't do anything wrong, at most it can take longer.

  • Time is an illusion.

  • You have access to ALL answers through a special connection in your heart.

  • Everything within the training room responds to heart radiation.

  • Attempts to damage the classroom will lead to limitations.

  • No one can take responsibility away from you.

  • Violence never leads to a solution.

  • It can be useful to pay attention to what situations are repeated.

  • Drugs (legal and illegal) can distort the perceptions of the lessons.

  • There is no right solution.

  • There are no extra clauses, for anyone.

  • You are loved (even if you live in the Bronx or Somalia). Everything else is deception.

  • Lessons are special opportunities to develop, not evil intent.

  • It can be risky to entrust your body to others.

  • You get opportunities (preferably during the night hours) to leave your body.

  • Playing around with your body is your right. On the bodies of others, it requires their consent.

  • Copying is pointless.

  • Anyone who offers you life insurance is a fraud.

  • Willfully ending an incarnation leads to a lot of useless paperwork.

  • Scientific opinions and holy scriptures serve to confuse.

  • It is not about being first.

  • It is not about looking cool.

  • No one cuts a better figure than you in your situation.

  • You are not the only one who doubts the meaning of the incarnation contract.

  • Since you agreed to this contract, it is useless to complain about it because you are already here.



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