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What are you letting yourself be stopped by ?

Projekt Anfang, Resonanz, Angst, Verasgensangst, finanzielle sapekte, firma starten, business kreieren, meinen Traum realisieren,

I wanted to explore the question: What are we letting stop us ? We all have wishes & ideas to improve our lives and the lives of our fellow men. Things we want to change or create new. Ideas that trigger such a strong resonance in us that we feel like bursting if we don't realize them.

This (pre)joy we feel is a fraction of what this idea can create. We perceive it energetically in the form of excitement, joy, tingling in the stomach, etc.... Somewhere inside us we know that this idea can create something great.

So what is the reason that we do not implement these ideas, do not realize them ?

Is it...

  • The fear of failure ? (maybe it does not work out)

  • because we have too little self-worth ? (I can not do that / I can not do that)

  • Financial aspects (I can't afford that)

  • What "the others" think about it ?

  • What if I do something wrong ?

  • Because we don't trust ourselves to do it (I don't know how)

All this runs like a high-speed train through our head and our body. And SWOOSH we find ourselves in our small, narrow, compressed universe, in which nothing else is possible than what we already know.

Awww... this is exhausting and frustrating. It robs us of an enormous amount of energy and instead of being happy and motivated to create something new, we have reached a point where we feel small, incapable and useless.

Die Angst, Treppe, Step by step, Nachbar, frustration im Geschäft, Probleme, Mindfuck, selbstwert,

All the points listed above have one thing in common


Fear of not being good enough. Fear of failing. Fear of financial problems. Fear of what others might think about you....

What if we no longer give room to this fear ? What if we don't care what the neighbor or anyone else thinks about it ? What if we just follow our feelings and do / create what makes us happy ? Because it is not the neighbor who makes us happy, who lives our life. It is you and it is me. Everyone is responsible for his own happiness. Why then do we live as if it is important what someone else thinks?

The same goes for the other fears. Let's take the fear of failure as an example. What does it mean to fail?

The dictionary says:

versagen, duden definition, unerreichabr, erwartungen, geschäft, Business, motor, antrieb, Angst, Glücklich sein,

"Not being able to achieve what is expected" Whose expectations are we talking about here ? Are they the expectations of others or are they my own ? If it is the expectations of others, then the same applies here as described above. What the heck do we care what others' expectations are of us ? Either they are in our environment / circle of friends because they support us no matter what we tackle. And if not, then they are kindly asked to announce their interesting views elsewhere. Because such people are no enrichment of our life.

But what if they are our own expectations ? I'll tell you something - we are world champions in this. Before we have even created something, our brain has already decided how it should all look like, how much money we will earn with it and how everything will be done. Expectations and more expectations.

Our intellect leaves no room for magic

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for structuring and thinking things through. However, I know from my own experience that studying too much and having these very expectations brings us to these very fears that then prevent us from creating something new. We nip the idea in the bud.

If we approach a new project, for example, without expectations, all possibilities are open. We do not expect a fixed result, but we create out of joy and with a positive feeling. No matter what the result will look like in the end. And I'll tell you something else. Most of the time the result is much bigger and better than we could have ever dreamed.

Dream big, pailletten, pseudosicherheit, geld, realität, Komfortzone, neues geschäft, neues projekt, geld,

Finally, I would like to talk very briefly about the financial aspects. Because how often have I heard, yes, when I have the money, I will do this or that. As soon as I have more money...blah blah blah....

You know what I think. These are all excuses. Excuses to not create something that may become much bigger than we could have ever imagined. Because we do feel kind of comfortable in our small and narrow comfort zone. It gives us a sense of (pseudo) security. It is a bit uncomfortable but at least we know it.

Often we need money in this reality to bring a project to life. And I can tell you how many times I didn't do things because I supposedly didn't have the money. Today I approach things differently. The first question I ask myself is.

If I had tons of money, what would I choose ?

When I then feel a sense of lightness and joy, I know that the money is just an excuse. Because the energy / the resonance, which I have to the project, shows me that there, something great can arise.

The questions that follow are. How much money do I have available and how much do I need to start. And if it is only 200.-. With the money I can e.g. have business cards made. Thus I can make advertisement for my service and win paying customers. If I have then somewhat more money, I make advertisement in a newspaper or in a magazine, or I let a professional web page provide. Maybe there is also the possibility to pay something in several installments, but for that I have to talk to the people first and ask them. It only works if you become active and get out of your comfort zone. It may not work overnight, but

Where there is a will, there is a way !

That's what my granny said.

The most important thing is that you decide yourself for it every day. That is my goal.

I will be all that I can be, do all that I can do, at any cost, and never give up !

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